• Startup Late Night is a late-night talk show hosted by improv comedian, entrepreneur, recovering venture capitalist, Mary Lemmer. Join us as she welcomes entrepreneurs and investors to an evening of comedy, music, conversation, and competitions.
    Featuring special entrepreneur and investor guests

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    Startup Late Night NYC

    December 3, 2019

    7:00 PM

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  • Former Guests

    Our previous guests include...

    Diane Henry

    Seed Investor at Rogue Capital Collective

    Matt Meeker

    Founder & CEO



    (BarkBox, BarkShop, Super Chewer, & more)

    Natalie Fratto

    New Market Development at Silicon Valley Bank

    Keith Kirkland

    Co-Founder of WearWorks

    Bobby Matson

    Founder & CEO, PayItOff

    Christina Wallace

    VP of Growth at Bionic

    Author, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

    Kevin Yoo

    Co-Founder of


    Chelsea Brownridge

    Andrea Huspeni

    Founder of

    This Dog's Life


    Erica Wong

    Director of Development, Code Nation

    Ben Parr

    Co-Founder & President Octane AI

    Jessica Ochoa Hendrix

    Natalia Oberti Noguera

    Founder & CEO

    Pipeline Angels

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